All In One

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All In One


Across the board by Haldiram’s gives everybody a healthy and filling nourishment encounter by tasting the mix of all zesty, salted and sweet namkeens out and out in one shape. Cornflakes, nuts, raisins and namkeens meet up to influence your tidbit to time additional delightful with Haldiram’s.



Nutritional Information
* Nutritional Values Per 100G :
1.Energy : 536Kcal
2. Carbohydrate : 47.95G
3. Sugar : 0.22G
4. Total Fat : 32.16G
5. Saturated Fatty Acids : 11.88G
6. Monounsaturated Fatty Acids : 13.01G
7. Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids : 3.11G
8. Trans Fatty Acids : 0 G
9. Protein : 13.72G
10. Fiber : 1.10G
11. Cholesterol : Nil
* These Are Approximate Values.


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